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The SBN (National Library Service) Polo in Venice

The Venetian consortium (Polo VEA-SBN) established in 1989 is subject to the authority of the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities through the Marciana National Library.

It includes 38 libraries in the metropolitan area of Venice, which offer complementary and integrated services aimed at the various types of users in the city, from residents to visitors, from students to both Italian and foreign researchers.

The collective catalogue was started in 1990 and contains the bibliographic information on the documents acquired from that date and on previous items inserted with special projects from many partner libraries. The Polo VEA-SBN uses the SBN Sebina Next application software developed by DM Cultura.

A counter set on each page of the OPAC indicates the daily increase of the database.

The same information can also be found in the national OPAC SBN catalogue.